Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prayer Power

I struggled on Sunday - it was just a rough day for me - and then guess what shows up on my desk at work on Monday??? This little book - that has hit all the right chords for me. The company was asking me to review it - but I know it was really GOD TELLING me to review it. He always knows what I need. So I title this post the same as the book - PRAYER POWER because I believe it - God moves mountains through prayer. Which is why I am typing this post. We REALLY need God to move a mountain for us - and I am asking for prayers for us.

We found out Monday that another family we have been in correspondence with - another Bethany family - with our same LOA, PA, I800 approval Date - let's just say we are tracking together in this adoption paperwork - well they got word that they have a Consulate Appointment and Travel Approval - and they will travel Sept. 9 to China. We are THRILLED for them - I love to see God work like that - but here's the deal - if we've been tracking together all along - how did we fall off the wagon and not get our letter to travel?? Hmmm.

All of that is ok - that may just be God's plan - and it isn't about travelling sooner - here's what it's really about in my mind. We found out that in October - our homestudy and background checks and fingerprints expire. For those who have not adopted, that may not mean much - but to those that have - you know it means paperwork, time, AND MONEY. Yes - like a substantial amount of money!! (This will be our fourth homestudy renewal and at $500 a pop - that adds up!!) So I dropped to my knees and begged God to work on our behalf - to move a mountain for us. And that is what we are asking of you as well.

If we could get word that we could travel in September - we would not have to renew. BUT - if we do not hear - we have to go through all of that renewal for probably ONE MONTH to travel. It seems like such a waste, but I know God knows. He has a plan. We are just praying - praying for mercy on this - that He will miraculously grant us acceptance to travel. We have even asked our agency to advocate for us - we are pulling out all of our "earthly" stops, now we ask God to pull out His "Heavenly" stops!!


ShaggaBear said...

how many times did we have to renew fingerprints, homestudies, etc.? I think we lost count. I will definately be praying a RELEASE of the TA! Godspeed that little blessing home!

Joannah said...

I'm praying God will open the doors for you to travel next month.

Kayce said...

We will definitely keep prayers for Gods power to make things happen for you guys.

Carol said...

Praying for you!

hollym. said...

I'm Praying, Becky!!!

Kim K. said...

It's just got to happen soon. You are so close now. Please know that I'm thinking of you. I remember until that TA/CA was finalized being a crazy emotional woman and most people steered clear of me. Prayers coming your way with extra (((hugs)))

Heather VE said...

Oh, Becky, I am still crying out for Him to move mountains THIS VERY WEEK! May today be "the day", and if it is not, I pray the Holy Spirit intercedes with a measure of peace so great that you are inexplicably sustained until "the day" is here. We will be rejoicing soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Good day!

My thoughts and prayers are with you. It is so awesome that we have a God who is not limited in any way. He can move where we can not. So keep up the faith. Verna has mentioned your family and you are in our thoughts and prayers. How could God not honor this wonderful thing you are hang in there. Keep up the faith! Big Hug coming your way from MN!

A Friend,
Linda Raschke

redmaryjanes said...

I will pray for you Becky.

Heather said...

We traveled with Verna and Keith when they got Mr. Noah. We join our brothers and sisters in Christ in petitioning the Lord on your behalf. I pray that Monday brings joyous news for your family...I will continue to pray for Jada as she does the hardest waiting...waiting on her family!

In Him who works miracles,
Heather Luke
a Mama who waited five months to travel and really think it was the longest wait of my life!!

Steffie B. said...

Oh have been on my mind so much lately as has HAS to be soon....we are praying here for me if you need to chat! ;)


Kelley said...

Joining all those petitioning our awesome God to move this mountain, my sweet friend!

Wow! I just went to type in the word verification and the word is "bless"! :-)

{Hugs to you and your family}

Eight Isn't Enough said...

Oh Becky, I will be praying for you...God will move your mountains...where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there...he will give you the desires of your heart.

Kneeled in prayer!!!

When you are harvesting your crops and forget to bring in a bundle of grain from your field, don't go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigners, orphans and widows. Then the LORD your God will bless you in all you do.
~Deuteronomy 24:19

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