Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Proud of THE MAN!

When Joe gets a bee in his bonnet I start to get worried - sometimes. BUT this man is GOOD!!! He started working on our kitchen last Thursday - and now, less than a week later, he is truly almost done. Here is the BEFORE - this was shortly after we moved in 10 years ago - I loved it then too - loved the blue soffit - I just think he's so smart!But one thing we've always disliked are those SUPER dark cabinets - in a small kitchen - it just made things look even smaller. SO - thus begins Joe's BIG WORK!!! He tried stripping and varnishing again but that dark grain was STILL dark - we knew our only option was paint - that scared me, but the guy is a genius!!So there's one drawer face he has to make yet - but I couldn't wait to post so I went ahead - just picture it finished in your mind!! :)You will notice just a portion of the desk in the top picture - bottom right - it was made of the same wood - so to keep it all matching he painted it too. All new hardware - new lighting - the guy is just good - and carpentry is NOT his job!!! I am impressed. We plan to do all black accents - that we have not even looked for yet - but when we do - I may have to impress you all with that too!! Good job Joe - I am proud!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

VERY nice!


Heather said...

It's so light & fresh & airy! Beautiful! When we moved into our 60s ranch we, too, were facing extremely dark cabinetry (even darker than yours). We opted for white paint as well and were amazed that the whole kitchen just seemed to open up! Good job, Joe!!

Kim K. said...

Very impressive. It's so light and airy. What a skillful guy! Such a beautiful kitchen. Have fun cooking in there!!

~verna said...

Totally transformed!! Really amazing! Looks bigger! LOVE IT!

Lisa said...

LOVE it - it looks so great!

A Country Homemaker said...

Very nicely done! I was wondering about the dishes on top of your desk hutch.....what are they?

in Iowa

Lady L said...

Great, dramatic transformation! Does it make you want to be in the kitchen and bake more? Very Impressive Joe!

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