Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Updates Around the Bilby House

So I spent my weekend "making sense" of the basement. You know those storage areas can be good AND bad. I love my storage - Joe built me wonderful shelves and I have them stuffed FULL!! But it is bad when they start overflowing onto the floor and you can't even walk through the storage area. I was convicted and I made work of it. Whew - you should see it now - I won't bore you with a picture, but it's walk-able!! In the process, I found ANOTHER tub of too-small clothes SO - visit Chloe's Closet to see more goodies! If you think of it - please pass this along to friends as well - the key to selling online is exposure and there are WONDERFUL clothes worn only a few times - anyone with a little girl may want to check it out!

On a disappointing note - we have been waiting WEEKS to get our 14 year old's background check back from the state - we have to have that before we can even be in line for our travel approval from China. Sadly enough, after waiting ALLl this time, our agency decided they may never have arrived so they are resending the papers and now we wait again. SO frustrating - he just turned 14 so he's required to be checked, but I don't think his criminal record should take THIS long to process! :) So we wait on that.

Then, we find out yesterday that a fee we thought was paid early on in our adoption was not paid and so now, as we're scraping to put our last funds together - we owe more. Gotta be honest here - adoption is worth EVERY PENNY and God totally provides - He always does. But little "glitches" like this can really be disappointing when you are trying to finalize things and see where you are sitting financially. Sure wish it didn't have to always be about money, but that seems to be where God has us. It keeps us dependent on Him, and that is good! We would covet prayers - what we thought we needed has now grown a bit. So we'd love prayers for the financial end. Also prayers that Micah's background check comes fast - faster than normal! AND that our I800 (LAST paperwork in China) clears fast - we are told that the I800 can sometimes be slower since it's a newer requirement - but we are praying for speed that only God can provide! Jada's condition will require frequent eye exams and she needs to get home and start on those to help save what sight she has. But God knows this too - so we leave it in His VERY capable hands. Thanks all for praying for us and caring for us - you don't know how much that means!


Michelle said...

Do you have the code for a graphic? I will put it on my blog. If not I can just put the link. I wish I would buy stuff right now. You have some cute things!

redmaryjanes said...

I so know what you are talking about with the money. I will pray for you that all things are provided for. So far we are ok. God is good.
Jada is darling, love the Harley photo!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Oh Becky...I'm so sorry!!!! I understand though...trust me! We waited over 6 months for our LOA only to discover CCAA never marked our file as being paid. What we thought would cost us $20,000 to bring Mia Hope home...cost us $30,000. I would love to ask our agency why their website posts that it takes $18,000 but after all was said and done they sent us a receipt that was $10,000 more than that. I will pray that angels will step into your life and help you financially like they did for us. I'm still in awe of how it all came together...in HIS timing!!!


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