Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

As promised - I had ideas swirling around in my head for a Father's Day post and am just now getting to it! I had the kids write what they like best about their dad. Here is what they said:

Aaron - I love my dad because he plays lots of stuff with us - he plays air soft a lot with us and he is really good at it. He also will play War Craft sometimes, and he is really good at that too. He also helps us with our school when we can't get the questions right. Sometimes he will let us have friends over and he starts the bonfire and he makes marshmallows. My dad is also a very good cook and he makes us really good food. Sometimes my did will go out and play air soft with us and our friends and he is really good at it because he was in the military and he has AWESOME tactics. My dad is also really good with computers and he fixes our computers when they break. He is also a very good Christian and he will set things aside and read the Bible and he trusts in God. He is also lots of fun because he will chase us around the house sometimes. My dad is also really funny and he always makes us laugh. He also shows us good games and will sometimes buy them for us.
What Makes My Father Unique
Caleb Bilby

My Dad will play a game forever and never lose, I hardly ever win but I have fun. When I do win he isn’t mad to lose.

My Dad is very fun when it comes to air soft guns. Since he was in the military, he just runs us down. He always thinks tactics. When he has a not-so-great-team he usually still wins by all his tactic stuff.

My Dad is the best cook in the world. *no offense mom* my dad makes the best over-easy eggs ever. He knows how to make the best coffee. He makes huge meal that fills you so fast. He makes the best hamburgers and hot dogs. Waffles and pancakes are another of his specialties. Not to mention turkey. He makes the best desserts like cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and cakes.

When it comes to computers, My Dad is your man. My Dad is the best at computers. He can fix them, put them together and put programs on and know they aren’t a virus. He is just amazing with computers.

My Dad is a hard working gardener. He will work for hours on our lawn mowing, weeding, watering, planting, fertilizing, and growing.

My Dad loves to read. He will read book after book. He always tries to get a new book from the library. And he likes to read to us too.

Dad is special to me because:

He plays air soft wars with us. He might beat us every time... But, it’s still fun. Hopefully he can buy his own gun and BBs.

He will, once in awhile, play computer games also, which is really fun. Warcraft FTW!!!

He will play board games, now that’s challenging. Especially Risk, since it’s a very close game, and takes up like… 5 hours of the day.

He’s a good principal for our homeschooled studies, since he doesn’t get mad when we make mistakes; he just has us do it over again. It takes him awhile to get done with all the grading, so it’s nice he’s patient about that.

I always know I can go to him for help and for reassurance. He will always kill those nasty horrible human-eating spiders, which is very nice of him.

He can always fix our computers, since we get them filled with junk… He will also show us new fun games that are really cool.

He always makes us food at night, which is, most of the time, really good…

He’s patient whenever I’m playing an Xbox 360 game, even though he can’t watch T.V. AND even though some of the games he strongly dislikes, like RPG games… He doesn’t get the point of them.


****************************************************************************Chloe - Dad is very nice and very kind. And he gives lots of kisses to me at bedtime. I like him so much. He plays Mario Kart with me. He reads Charlie and Lola to me - and they are my favorite books! He shared Father's Day with me on my birthday, that was so nice. I miss him when he goes to work, and I love it when he comes home.

Well - you get the point - he's loved!! Yep - we all think we've got the best Dad!!!


Dianne said...

Such a nice tribute to their dad. You can see how much he means to them.

Teresa said...

I LOVE this idea! It's pretty obvious you have a loved daddy in your house. Great dads are such a blessing!

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