Thursday, October 02, 2008

Birthday Boy!!

The big man in the house has a birthday TODAY!!!!  He's literally 39 and holding!!!  I don't think he's aged a day since this picture - but the kids said, "Who's THAT!?!?!"  (He's still HOT in my opinion!!)  So, in honor of this momentous day - I surveyed the kids -
Why Our Dad is THE BEST:
He's fun (Caleb).
He fixes our computers!!  (Micah)
He's lots and lots of fun!!  (Aaron)
He's nice and says nice words!  (Chloe)
So there you have it - why our Dad is THE BEST!!  (And he REALLY is, hands down!!)
We love you Dad!!


amy said...

what a sweet post..Hope he has a wonderful day

Mr.Brian said...

Yep,he is pretty darn special.A kind heart.
The thing that makes him so good is a wonderful wife!!!!!
(Becky paid me to write that part)!!!!

kris said...

He's THIRTY NINE??? WOW. He looks so young!!! Not that 39 is old, but he's held onto his youth! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Steffie B. said...

Happy Birhtday you stud muffin, you! lol

Anonymous said...

Hope it was a very blessed day for you. You a really a wonderful dad and husband and the Best Son anyone could ask for. I am very PROUD of you. Love your Mom

Nikki said...

Oh, Joe's mom's message is so sweet! He truly is an incredible man - and I agree with you Becky, he hasn't changed much since that picture was taken. (I LOVE that you still find him "HOT"!)

Tell him happy birthday from the Doctor family.
(and he really DOES say nice words. Chloe is dead on.)

Carey said...

Happy Birthday, Joe!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe Hope you had a Fun day Love Aunt Lois

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Joe! You are very nice and say nice words! From the Henderson Family!

Denise C said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the Bilby Bunch Daddy!!!!!

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