Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Foto Fiasco!

Sometimes things seem like such a great idea - then, when you go to actually DO them, you find out otherwise.  Take tonight for instance - we packed up four kids with photo clothing, drove a half hour to find the perfect spot, and starting shooting away.  Lest you think this was easy - let me show you our frustrations!!!
The child who can NEVER keep his eyes open!

The child who was nearly smooshed by her brothers!
The child who was BORED!!!

Can I just tell you that glasses are nearly impossible to photograph around??
The child who thought she was a model!!
The only good one we got??  Yes, yes, I know - their faces aren't even showing!!!!
Well - we saved money on a photographer, but we took over 300 pictures, lost our sanity AND maybe our marriage - PRICELESS!!!!


Monica said...

I love the photos, Becky! You know the "goofs" will probably end up being your very favorite ones years from now...because the imperfect photos are the ones where our kid's real selves peek through!!!

(I do feel your pain, though!...I get so frustrated with my kids when I want to get a group photo...seems there is always ONE child out of the bunch unhappy with the process and just the moment I get THAT child lined out, another one picks up the abandoned affliction! It like they synchronize their uncooperation so that there is only ONE uncooperative sould in each shot!!!)

The last photo IS excellent...calendar shot!

Monica said...

Wow...I need to proof-read my comments before publishing!!! Sorry about all the typos above... left out an "is" and spelled "soul" as "sould"! Can you tell it is 6:40 am and I have spent the night being an insomniac? I am so tired I can't see straight or type!!!

Mr.Brian said...

Thanks for the laugh for the day.
Now I know there had to be some good ones in there.
Who was snapping you or Joe????
And I think you forgot your furry member of the family.Shame shame on you.Poor Bella will feel left out.

Kristi said...

Oh Becky, I do feel your pain! My boys have actually gotten worse now they are 15 and 17 they really dislike the whole family photo thing! I beg, plead, threaten and like you take loads of shots! No one is ever happy with the results either! You do have some great shots there so you and Joe can share a hug as mission accomplished!

Mom of 5 said...

I give you credit for trying. The pictures are good !

Kelley said...

Ah yes...wonderful family memories indeed! The photos really are precious.

Steffie B. said...

I am sure you got some good ones.....what a gorgeous bunch you have! ;)

Nikki said...

I don't know how I missed this post before. Oops!
Love the pics - they speak of REAL life...
and the last one is definitely a keeper. WOW. Priceless is right.

Denise C said...

Well...I personally think the Bilby Bunch is one gorgeous crew!!! You surely do know how to capture their realness!!!
Great photos mom...I love the last one too!!!!!

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