Monday, September 22, 2008

Miscellaneous Bilby Happenings

It's been another busy week for us - Joe and Caleb were in hunting classes all week - Micah took those last year and LOVED them, but he hasn't been out hunting since so Joe decided if he got his license then MAYBE they would actually go out this year. So the big classes ended on Saturday AND both Joe and Caleb passed - great, two more outdoorsmen in our family now!  Actually - I had to laugh - they have all agreed they'd really rather not catch anything - no one wants to skin it, bring it home, much less - EAT IT!!!  Gotta laugh at those guys!  Oh yes, gotta see Caleb's HUGE bruise - they only had adult-sized guns to practice with and so it didn't fit him very well - wish I would have been there - Joe said everytime he shot - it kicked back so hard that his safety goggles fell off - what a trooper!  He loved every minute of it!

Chloe is in Kindermusik again AND loving it - and yes, if you ask her if she's in school- she will very flamboyantly tell you, "Yes, I'm preschool homeschooled!"

So last night we are sitting and eating dinner and something is said were Chloe feels the need to put in her two-cents-worth - and out of that little mouth comes, "Duh."  I looked at her and asked where she learned that - to which she replied, "My boys!"  So I then told her that that's not a very nice thing to say to people and so she says, "I know mommy - that was the nice "Duh" - I didn't say the bad one."  (Guess I'm behind the times - I didn't realize there was a good/bad "Duh".)  I hardly knew what to say - and Joe was trying to hide his laugh so he couldn't answer.  So as we sat there stunned - Chloe says, "See, this is the nice "Duh".  And proceeds to repeat herself, "Duh".  There you go - try using the nice "Duh" today - it makes people feel better!!!


OH MY #6 said...

Do you home school? I admire you greatly and would love to hear more?


Lisa said...

that is way cute!

Mr.Brian said...

When you figure out the differance between a good and bad (DUH) let me know too.
As for Joe big help he is.And I always thought he was so well behaved.
The hunting I would pass on too....who wants to go through all the work cleaning that stuff.Then he has to cook it as well.
No not for me either.

Wendy said...

I am not a big on hunting... but I am big on doing family things together... Boys and there toys!!!

Enjoy your day

Amy A. said...

You give that Chloe a big hug from me. I miss my little shadow.

PS - you've been tagged. Go to pretty shiny to see what. :P

Steffie B. said...

OMW.....I am cracking up...first at the whole hunting thing and how no one really wants to hit the purpose would be male bonding time which would leave girl shopping time for you and Miss Duh? EXCELLENT!!!!

Denise C said...

OH how funny...that Miss Chloe...and "Her Boys"...and the whole "good duh/bad duh" thing is hilarious!
Oh what fun days!!!

House of Belonging said...

I have a question that's not really linked to this post, but I couldn't find the answer on the blog. You have a count down on the blog of how long you've been waiting in your second adoption that was nearly eighteen months. Is this the time you've been waiting for a referal, or the ENTIRE process. If it's for a referal, why this long?

Lori and Pete said...

How funny! My Chloe is always surprising me with her "older" comments too.

I peeked at your chart at the bottom of your blog and my Chloe is just 4 months and 2 days older than your Chloe.

I just LOVE this age!

Lori W

Anonymous said...

I love Chloe's take on "DUH!"!!!

brazzel6 said...

Too, funny!!!! It amazes me how quick they pick up words and phrases from others. Kensli (my 3 yr old) tried "duh" on me the other night, but it wasn't the nice one! :)

Kayla Brazzel

Kristi said...

That falls into the catagory of "it is not so much what you say but HOW you say it""!? So cute Ms. Choe!

Anonymous said...

that is cute
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