Thursday, October 09, 2008

Missing Person

Chloe wants to see the "Fairy Tooth" - hmmm - can anyone help on this!?!?!


Kelley said...

Emily has the same wish! She did get a note a few months ago from the tooth fairy because she put a picture of a tooth under her pillow in the hope that she would get a treasure from the TF. I'll be back to see what your other readers suggest!
Have a great weekend!

Amy A. said...

I'M the tooth fairy! But I'm bad at it and should be fired. Abby's last tooth only merited a handful of change, a button and an arcade token. Bad tooth-fairy.

holly m. said...

The tooth fairy is only the size of a half a piece of dust that you see floating in the air, Very hard to see.

She's not as cute as Chloe either, but she is quite nice and that's what matters right?

Mr.Brian said...

Get me a costume and I'll dress as one for her.Scare her to always brush her teethsee me in a tooth fairy costume.LOLOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

She wants to see the "Fairy Tooth"? Well,that should not surprise me at all -- when her Mommy was a little girl, we heard things like "Book Story" and "Light Stop" -- so, like Mother, like daughter!!!

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