Thursday, July 27, 2006

Joe's Handiwork

Well - while most people (like me!!!) are trying to keep cool - Joe is digging up the backyard (where grass wasn't growing anyway) and making another Hosta Garden. My Aunt Connie will be pleased with him as I believe his love of Hosta came from her!! But - thought I'd share pictures - it is very pretty under there and we plan to add stepping stones all the way around the tree as well. I think he missed his calling and he should have been in landscaping!! By the way - I DID help - I carried those boulders you see - I wasn't happy about sweating but I did feel badly that he was doing that all by himself so like a good wife, I pitched in and gave it my all - well ok, I hauled a boulder, sat on the swing and wiped the sweat off, got back up and carried another boulder....... you get the picture!!! :)

I say this is enough landscaping though - we keep the mulch companies in business!!

I took this picture of the flower and then noticed I captured the bee in it - hmmm, maybe I should let National Geographic know I am available for hire!!!!


Stefanie said...

You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

I think you should have the wife of the year award. In that heat the weekend you did it.. Joe should buy you diamonds for all your hard work.
Just wondering did I see him singing to his hosta plants too just like the corn?????
Mr. Brian

Teresa said...

What's hosta?

Love the pictures of Chloe. Rick was a bit jealous of the boys going to the air show.

Rick's handiwork is all done inside the house. We are in year 6 of the 5-year remodel plan with about another year to go.

Connie said...

Very nice landscaping! If it was a job it would not be near as much fun. I am very proud of you for sweating/glowing Becky. I knew you could do it! Everyone looks cute and happy. Love the shades!

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