Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another Family Shot

Bethany (our adoption agency) sent this to us after we did some video/pictures for them. Kind of fun!


Stefanie said... think that I'm friends with a "movie star" family! LOL

Stefanie said...

I really need to start a blog!

Beckyb said...

Yes you do need to start one - I need another one to visit everyday!!! :)

And yes, autographs can be requested for a minor fee!!

Jenny said...

Great Photo!!!

Verna said...

I'm sure glad the squatty potty is moving down the line. This is a MUCH nicer picture. When you coming up our way? We really need to update our family photo for that Chrismas letter.

Verna said...

OOPs, Joe didn't take that pic??? Guess we won't be hiring him after all.

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