Sunday, July 09, 2006

Funny Face

Our Queen of the Hosta Garden!!!


Stefanie said...

I think she is saying "Look at me, I'm beautiful! ;)

Verna said...

She sure IS beautiful!! And so is your garden. Can you come up and work on mine?

dublin said...

She is a jewel!!! Her personality just jumps out of the photos you have posted! Can I ask what province she was born in?

(Your three sons are quite handsome young men, too! Your home must be a beehive of energy!)

(mother to a JiangXi tween (11, not quite a teen yet!), an AnHui little girl (4 still qualifies as little!), and a rowdy son from Taiwan)

Beckyb said...

Chloe is from the Hunan province - yes - she is a ton of fun - lots of energy and we love this age - 2!!!!! The boys are also so much fun - they dote on their little sister - I love it!

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