Friday, September 30, 2011

The Pride of the Dutchmen

I've always inwardly cringed at this - PRIDE OF THE DUTCHMEN Marching Band - hmm, don't we try to teach our children not to be so proud??? So this title has always wrankled me a bit (I hope I just made that word up - I like it!!!). This year, Caleb, has begun his first year in High School marching band beginning Aug. 1 with a daily dose of band camp. Yep, I will say it out loud - I couldn't believe it - Aug. 1?!?!?! I thought it seemed a bit much but we encouraged him to keep with it. Now, months later, all I can say is - I think a bit of that "pride" is seeping in to this Momma's bones! We have field band competitions almost every weekend from Sept. - Oct. and although they are long days for the kids - we, as parents, are thinking this is quite fun to behold!

I am proud of this band - and I think it's ok if they are bit "prideful" as well! They have worked hard, are scoring high, and look amazing on the field - NOT doing easy things, I may add as well. Thought I'd share some pics with you - HOPING video is to come!!


Getting Ready to Take the Field



Caleb is back row - almost to the 20 yd. line - He plays the Tenor Sax.
Yep, smallest kid, biggest sax!!




LOVE that black!!


Tossing the Flags Over....

Catching the flags...



Caleb is front middle.

There, more than you wanted to see, I am sure.
But no complaining or I'll put the other 100+ on there too!!!


dawn said...

You should be proud and with a name like that I expect Mr. Brian likes it too.

Beckyb said...

That's funny Dawn - but I am SURE you are right!!! :)

dawn said...

We never actually met in person but I found your blog through Steffies, years ago, or Nikki's for that matter. We were waiting for Rosie and Jada wasn't even on the radar. I have been following you for years now. Glad you still blog!

Sara Crane said...

Great picts becky!! I took a whole bunch too - I even tried not to, but I just couldn't help myself - they looked SO GOOD!!! :-)

Beckyb said...

Totally agree, Sara, we were just snapping away - it was SO fun to watch!!

Beckyb said...

And what makes me laugh, Dawn, is that those friendships really last!! I love it!! I love to read your blog too - but man, I just rarely comment anymore - I should though!

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