Saturday, July 09, 2011

Backyard Tour of Homes

It is my annual backyard tour - no summer would be complete without it - so here you go - enjoy what we are enjoying right out in our own backyard!!


Butterfly Heaven


Hosta in Bloom


Hosta Heaven

Starburst Orange

Fourth of July Beauty!

Mild Sunshine

Clematis Galore!

Burst of Orange

Pink Beauty


Snow Weed!

Royal Beauty


Dusty Rose

SO there you are - and you didn't have to get one mosquito bite!! (I won't tell you how many I inherited on this photo shoot!)


KariR said...

SOOOOO Pretty! I am jealous of your photographic abilities! You never cease to amaze me with your talents! :)

Carey said...

Gorgeous photos!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Ah! Jealous! If I did a backyard photo shoot...well, let's just say, we'd all be a bit unimpressed. These pictures are amazing.

total side note, I screwed up my blog tonight. grrr...somehow got rid of my adorable little signature which was my name in a fun font and a tree bark heart. I can make that image again and I figured out how to make it to show up at the bottom of each post by going into my settings. But, I get a black border around it (the default border for my images), is there an easy way to not have this for my signature? Is there some sort of "no border" code I can put around it? Okay, I totally hijacked your comments. Sorry.

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