Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eggs Are Ready

So after asking every 10 minutes from the minute we boiled the eggs if it was time to dye them yet - I finally gave in right before dinner! NOT one of my all-time favorite past times - it is a complete disaster to me to have 12 cups with stain-able dyes, numerous children, eggs that will crack if not handled gently, and splattering stainable liquid every time an egg drops in yet another cup. Oh well - we survived and the girls LOVED it. See?? I really am overcoming my OCD. :) I even did it alone this year as Joe was quite busy today!

Egg Watcher

Happy Egg Decorators!

Yellow Takes TOO Long!

<span class=

First Mate and Second Mate

Their Masterpieces!

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~Deuteronomy 24:19

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