Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Don't Move a Muscle!

Today I woke up with quite a bit of apprehension. Jada had an MRI scheduled for today. Now normally that would not bother me - but I was a tad bit nervous for this one. We had asked if we could do the MRI here in our town instead of driving back to Sioux Falls like we did twice a couple of weeks ago. It was fine to have it here in our town, but we were told they do not do anesthesia here with young children, so they were quite hesitant to say yes. I told the scheduler, I told our doctor, I told the MRI tech the same story - I can not explain it - but she has sat through numbing of her eyes, a catheterization, an EEG, drawing tons of blood for her genetic testing, you name it - she doesn't move a muscle. Now, as her mom, I am not entirely sure that's a good thing - but that is how she is. It is almost as if this little one knows - if I just sit still - it will soon be over. They ALL weren't sure - I don't blame them, I mean, really, you never know what a four year old will pull at the last moment!!! BUT they agreed, they said they'd try it.

We showed up and I told Jada it would be a BIG bed and they would be taking pictures of her head. I tried it to warn her it would be VERY noisy (for Jada, that is a big deal, she does NOT like loud noises at all!!). They took her in and that is where I nearly lost it. As they put her little ear plugs in, took her away from us, laid her in that big bed and then put the plastic form around her head, my eyes filled with tears. I know it is best for her - she needs all of this testing to rule out everything and move forward, but at that moment, I thought - maybe we just needed to have her "put out" for it. How scared she must be! It broke my heart - I wanted to go in with her, hold her tightly and promise her everything would be ok. But I obeyed and went to stand behind the window and watch. I will be eternally grateful, however, for the dear MRI tech, that held her hand the whole time and did not leave her side - she talked to her and reassured her and kept checking in on her. They told her to close her eyes and not to open them and, amazingly enough, Jada did JUST THAT. The tech that ran the computer told us that there was hardly even a vibration in her pictures - which means she really never did open her eyes or even move. She just didn't move a muscle. She told us some adults can't even provide that clear of a reading - because even opening your eyes can cause a vibration.

I was so proud of her. I was scared deep down that even though she is wonderful in doctor's offices that she might "flip out" a bit around that huge machine. But no, true to Jada-form, she did what she needed to do and came out smiling. My amazement and love deepens for this little girl everyday. She has been through so much, and may have to go through so much more, but she never flinches. She chose her prize, a Beanie Walrus, with pride and kissed it all the way home!


Tina Michelle said...

WOw, what a big girl. Great job!

Justin & Vicki said...

Just as momma said! I am glad that all went well, can't wait to hear what the 'results' are!

Beckyb said...

Whew, Vicki -you are right - that one I got right - I'm not always that fortunate though!!! ;)

Kathye Shiffle said...

My prayers are with you and your family. God is Good ALL THE TIME!

Sincerely, Jenni said...

The poor thing! Sounds like she was a trooper!

hollym. said...

Please give her a hug and smooch for Auntie Holly. I just put her on my Littest Hero list, Becky. Bless her heart and you and Joes, too. Prayers.

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