Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's You and Me, God - oh yes, and Jada AND Chloe!

There are certain things that God knows I struggle with - one of those is waking up early. Case in point - yesterday we headed to our doctor appt. almost 2 hrs. away and we had to be there by 8 am - yep, you get the picture. It was EARLY for me. I know some people enjoy that, but I do not. I try to be kind at least, but you aren't going to get any deep conversation - Chloe tried, just ask Joe - it didn't work too well. Nope, not until that coffee has gone to my toes and my eyes can stay open without wishing they were still closing - THEN, I become who you know on a day-to-day basis! SO, getting up early to read the Bible - I think God knows my heart - it just doesn't work the best for me. God and I have discussed this - if He calls me to it - I will give it all I've got, but until then......I sleep! So then one must find another time to find that time alone with God - but, as many moms know, that can be a challenge. There is only one of me - but with 5 kids - they take every ounce of me - time included. I know that I need to be in the Word daily though - that is what keeps me going - so I make time everyday to spend time alone with Him.

The other day, the girls were watching TV, and I thought - this is it - this is my 30 min. - here I go. I quietly snuck into my bedroom - I mean, I was quiet - I don't even think the dog heard me. I opened my Bible and my new study book - and I smiled - yep Lord, I did it! But I hadn't even finished one paragraph when I heard feet. Now really, Moms help me here - why is the room no longer fun when Mom leaves?? It's true - you know what I'm talking about - it was all ok until Mom disappeared and then it isn't any fun anymore and so off they go to find Mom. And that is just what happened!

I looked up and Jada was attempting to crawl up onto our bed. I made the "shh" sign to her - I was ok if she wanted to join me, but it had to be quiet. I guess I should have told her to stop wiggling too - my Bible now has lines that are not as straight as I'd like (that's a whole different post!!) due to her inability to sit still! But she sat there for a bit and then disappeared. When she came back she had her notebook and a pencil and came back up by me. She never took her eyes off of me - when I wrote, she wrote. When I read, she pretended to read. When I moved my hand, she moved her hand. (I know, I was getting a lot out of my reading, wasn't I!!??!) It wasn't very long thereafter that Chloe appeared and sat down by me as well. Neither made a peep - Chloe was reading to herself and Jada was continuing to draw in her notebook. I was tempted to think - OH MY WORD - I can not even get 10 min. alone - but I stopped - I really did -

I stopped and thanked God for two little girls that love their momma! And I hope they remember seeing Mom read her Bible often. I am glad I can show them how important it is to me - even with two little girls trying to distract me!


Anonymous said...

Good job, Mama! You thought you were getting in your Bible reading when really you were teaching your daughters! Perfect example of your actions speaking louder than your words! Praying for you guys this week.
Love, Aunt Jan

dawn said...

That is the sweetest story. A teach and learn moment.

Denise Krebs said...

Becky, thanks for sharing your beautiful story. Ahh, the joys when we hold our tongues. The angels were singing. Praise God!


MKBookWorks said...

As a non-morning-caffeine-needing-before-I-dare-face-the-kitchen-let-alone-the-world kind of Mom.. I hear you. And yes.. we teach our kids what is important in those moments when our priorities come barreling into what we thought we wanted to do/get done/accomplish.. so sweet how you explained that.


Carey said...

They will remember, yes they will. An example of a godly woman, Mom!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

what a lovely Mommy you are!


Dianne said...

So sweet. Those mommy times are precious, even if it's not what you expected. Thanks for sharing, I can relate to the little personal time mommies of 5 have.

Kathye Shiffler (Leeny) said...

Ahhhhh! Sometimes our God is so humerous! My girls are grown and married and it is still the same,they love their maja (momma) and trying to get a quiet moment is hard. But your story touched me, because when you described your little girl imitating you I realized that was God's way of saying He wants us to imitate Him. How wonderful is our God! Blessings, Kathye (Leeny)

When you are harvesting your crops and forget to bring in a bundle of grain from your field, don't go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigners, orphans and widows. Then the LORD your God will bless you in all you do.
~Deuteronomy 24:19

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