Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Soccer Star

This Spring has been Chloe's first soccer season and, to put it mildly, she is LOVING it!!
I asked Joe if maybe she will be our hidden sports talent - to which he laughed and said, "Only if you like to watch a ballerina on the field." So this may not be her life's calling, but she's loving it. One week left and she is sad to see it end. Here she is in action!

Soccer Girl
She's aggressive - yep!


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Water Break
Water break!

Heading it!
I see budding talent here!!



Mr.Brian said...

Cute pictures.Drop me an email when her next game is.Think it would be fun to see her in action.
Did you notice she was about the tallest kid out there in the picture of her teammates?Interesting.

Anonymous said...

lol cute
looks like she is having alot of fun, that is great!!!!

amber drilling

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures. :) Your family is great.

alicia said...

Wish my daughter could have gotten into it, instead she sat and picked flowers and sang songs. Great pics.

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