Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm such a PUSHOVER!!

Chloe’s Blog
Here is what I have done today - helped each of the boys build a blog for a school writing class - so after 3 new complete blog designs, Chloe pipes up, "EXCUSE me, I need a blog too." I ask you - what 4 year old NEEDS a blog?? This is where the "pushover" comes in - yes, I caved, we built Chloe a blog. How often will we post?? I have no clue, it will probably blow over in a week, but hey, it was good one-on-one time. AND, truth be told, this blogger mama was proud!!!


Sue said...

hey? where's the link to these blogs?

Beckyb said...

Oh sorry - Chloe's is linked to her graphic - just click and you will go there. The boys haven't posted yet so I didn't post theirs yet - I will though!! :)

Oatsvall Team said...

ok, i am off to leave Chloe a comment from Emily ... I hope she doesn't get any ideas about getting one ... lol ... i can barely keep up here !!! love ya

Anonymous said...

i will have to go see it. It sounds like great fun.

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