Friday, January 23, 2009

My Baby Boy is 11!

Oh my - this boy has been something from day 1.  I will never forget that infamous day 11 years ago when the doctor said, "We are going to have to induce you - you are running a temperature and it isn't good for your baby or you."  SO off we went - here was the BIGGEST problem - a little man had decided to turn himself breech at 39 weeks!!!  (We should have known then!!!)  So, my doctor encouraged me to try a version (where they manually try to turn the baby - you DON'T want the details - it wasn't pretty!!) - and in my moment of weakness - I allowed them to do it a SECOND time as he didn't stay head down after the first try.  Then, my doctor thought it was a great idea to have Joe hold little Aaron's head down in the birth canal (yes, that meant he pushed down on my belly for an hour!!) until the pitocin kicked in and Aaron would engage.  Did he???? Nope, that stinker, the minute Joe let go of him, flipped right back in the breech position again.  From then on, it was only a cesarean for us.  Little Aaron made his appearance but we were never sure he REALLY wanted out.  No matter the method, we are SO glad we have him - he may have been a lot of work to convince to make his appearance, but he's been worth every minute.  He's our comedian, our sensitive little brother, and our constant source of smiles!  We love you big guy - Happy 11th!


Steffie B. said...

what a story....I don't think Daniel wanted out boys....Happy Birthday Aaron!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our AARON!! What a guy!! We love you bunches!!!

Gma of 6

sara h. said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Becky, you probably don't remember this but, I remember going to the mall in Cedar Rapids with you and your mom, I was pregnant with Alayna, you were pregnant with Aaron and you had Micah and Caleb in the stroller...both quite young I might add. Oh the sympathetic looks we got! HA!

OH MY #6 said...

He very cute. Hope you enjoy celebrating.


PS. I hope the girls make it safe and sound. Let me know when u get them.

amy said...

Oh I hope he has a wonderful day

3 Peanuts said...

Love the story of his birth--who ever thought that start out in thier personalities so early:)

Happy Birthday!!!!

Nikki said...

Oh Becky! How the time flies...hope Aaron had a wonderful 11th birthday.
(and thanks for sharing his birth story with us...)

Lady L said...

Happy Birthday Aaron (a little late)! Wow - what an entrance you made! May you impact your world with your great smiles, compassion and love for your Jesus!

Connie said...

Hope it was a great day for Aaron!
The time sure does go by very fast. Hold on the ride is great!

Love you all. Come to Az, I. have snow but no temps below zero.

Jodie said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!!!! Sorry it is a little late...We hope you had a good day

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