Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chinese New Year Books Post #2

Because I have been asked a few times for recommendations on books for Chinese Celebrations, I'm going to post a bunch here - this will be a long post, sorry. I am also posting them this way so that in case you were interested in buying them from Amazon - if you click here off of my site then I can earn money towards our next adoption. This is from a previous post with NEW ADDITIONS added on the beginning of the links. So, here goes:


ThatGirl said...

Highly recommend "My First Chinese New Year" by Katz.

Great post!

amy said...

I didnt even know there were New years book and I am always looking for good books. Thanks for the post today

Heather said...

Becky, I am so envious as I scour the LONG list of Chinese New Year books available to families. You know, there's like less than a dozen good kids' lit on Guatemala... total! It's such a bummer. I'm always looking for more, so if something about Guat ever comes across your desk, let me know! And ENJOY all that you have access to on China! :)

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