Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scrapbooking, Anyone?

I have always loved scrapbooking - you know, the old fashioned way, but I recently went to a class on using Photoshop Elements and thought to myself, "This looks fun too!" So I have found some fun things that you might enjoy too!

A great scrapbooking magazine - Digital Scrapbooking - comes in the mail or as a PDF. (Thinking I may have to ask for this one for Christmas!!)

A GREAT book that guides you through using Photoshop Elements to build your pages - an all-around GREAT Elements and digital scrapbooking guide. (Small disclaimer here - if you click on this banner to order - I get a small kickback!)

AND - there are MANY great sites out there that have FREE kits available - you don't have to spend lots of money either. (These digital kit websites can be found on my blog building blog - Lady in Waiting Blog Designs.) I started using them to build blogs, but think I'll try my hand at building some scrapbook pages too! Now Joe informs me I CAN'T go to all digital - I have TOO many supplies to do physical albums to leave them all behind - hmmm, I'll have to keep thinking of how to convince him!!! :)


Anonymous said...

sounds like fun!!!
i am not in to scrapbooking that much.
amber drilling

OH MY #6 said...

that is my dilemma! I have so much scrap booking stuff/tools/everything! what is a girl to do?!!!


Kelley said...

You know that I love digital! Here are ideas for those paper supplies...
1. Use them for hybrid designs - combine digital with paper!
2. Use the paper stuff for crafts with the kids.
3. Sell it all!
Warning: Digital is highly addictive!! :-)

JulieM said...

Oh boy .... you are starting to make the move to the other side. I keep debating and have been dabbling a little. What is a person to do if they have all the traditional supplies and paper? Did you take the Photo Elements class in Sioux Falls at Harolds? If you did was it worth the time and $? I've had my eye on that class and the photography classes too!

Sheri said...

Becky: Digital IS highly addictive!! What to do with the paper stuff: give it to the kids for special projects, gift it to friends who've yet to convert, or sell it on eBay to raise funds for your adoption. There are 500+ of us at - with THOUSANDS of layouts posted since the forum opened in March 2007. I was never able to paper scrap a single page (tho I did put together a OHGWQ scrapbook whilst waiting for my first). I've created over 200 digiscrap pages in the past 11 months, including a 75 page Lifebook. Try THAT with paper scrapping!!! Good luck on your second adoption!!

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