Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Her Superhero!

She's famous again!  Go HERE to see Chloe and her famous-ness in the blogworld with her favorite TV personality - besides Dora - Yep, that's Dan Wardell!

Her bedtime request tonight??  She wants this picture hanging beside her bed!IMG_0691


Carey said...

Gotta love PBS!

Beverly said...

How fun!!

OH MY #6 said...

too cute!


nikki said...

Um, if I'm not mistaken - Chloe isn't the only one in the family who is "famous"...

Denise C said...

Cuteness!!!!! And...her mommy is famous too I see!!!
I fell very honored to "know" such famous people such as you two girls!!!!
Thanks for sharing!
i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

that sounds like fun
very cute
amber drilling

Heather said...

Awww! My kids met DW last summer and while the two older ones were pretty enchanted, our 2-year-old was scared to death. I have no idea why -- he looks like a neighbor guy! After a lot of teasing my her older sibs, she now announces "my friend Dan" is on tv. :) Looks like Chloe is right in her element though!


so glad you are capturing all these moments ... she is like the next big reality tv star w/ all her connections ... lol

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