Monday, May 15, 2006

This is NOT Frodo's Ring!!

Ok - so this is not the best picture - but we drew the circle inside to show what shape it's supposed to be - this ring was all that was holding Joe up in the tree before he so gracefully fell - (See earlier post about Geocaching - someone asked me to post the ring picture!!) he did have his finger checked by a doctor today and we were told that all is well - no tendons ripped, etc. So we are thankful for that - but his ring needs some work before it will fit again. I have reminded him that this is his second wedding ring already!!! :) He said that is why he had to wrap a shoelace around the top of his finger to squeeze the blood back under the ring - he didn't want them to have to cut it off!! I am just glad I was not home to see all of this happening!! He saved an elderly man's life in McDonalds' with the Heimlich (that was a year ago) and now this - the boys think he's like Superman!!!


sara m. said...

so let me get this straight...He was hanging in a tree? his finger???? ...then fell to the ground? ...out of the tree? WOW.

Beckyb said...

You got it - scary, huh. He's probably lucky to have a finger. Hey - that may have been Frodo's ring - seems a bit like the "Lord of the Rings" to me!!!!

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