Friday, May 05, 2006

Fun at the Park -
this should say it all - they didn't stop smiling the whole time!! But, what's better than the park? Chloe is fearless this year - all over the ladders, slides - you name it. The girl has no fear - the boys love it!! (Dad and Mom are scared to death!!)


Connie said...

Way to go Becky!!!!
Looks like loads of fun at the park. I did hear that there was a small mishap on the bike ride that had Chloe a bit concerned :-0.
Love to all 6 of you guys.
A. Connie

Jenny said...

Too cute!! Love the pigtails!! : ) PS- your blog looks awesome!!!

Diane Boyd said...

Looks like fun!! Can't believe how big Chloe is getting!! Cute pigtails - love the blog, too. You "done" good!! - Diane

Phyllis said...

Great job love it. You do such a wonderful job with the kids. Keep it up. Hope Joe really appreicates you, if not just let me know mom will have a long talk with him (lol)

sara m. said...

Hey all!!! The girls are so excited for The Tulip Festival.

You have official inspired me Becky. My goal in life really, is to be as cool as you. Blog and all!!! You computer guru, you.

Let me hear it Chloe....KATE SPADE!!....IKEA!!! (lol)

See you all in a few weeks!!!

~sara m.

Anonymous said...

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