Friday, June 08, 2012

National Park Extravaganza

We didn't stop at every state sign - but we should have!!

They are such good sports!

Yeah - Dad got a little clever with the photography!!

You see that red sand??  Yes, we were COVERED in that sand - I had sand places I didn't even know could collect sand.  Here's the girls bucking the headwinds!!

These girls love to live on the edge!

We hiked to some fun places!

We were proud of ourselves!

Another arch!!

Kind of proud of their hike!!

So here they all are - looking over the edge of a very deep canyon - Dead Horse Canyon - to be exact - and they pull this stunt on me...

At this point I was yelling - that this was NOT FUNNY!!!

AND I was NOT laughing!!!!

See there was another ledge there - but I could not see that from where I was - and they knew that - I would rarely get close enough to see those things - I just hate HIGH EDGES!!!

The girls got these new caps - but notice that Jada is holding hers???  Yes, her brother (yes, the one shown in the picture) thought it was funny to knock the hats off with his "cap gun" - aka - finger.  Just so you see that our vacation was not all happy smiles!!!  Brothers played their normal games!

The Salamander Brigade - I'm sure the salamanders were shaking in their boots!

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