Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Years Old!!

Our Jada is six today - and we plan to party ALL DAY!!!
(Never mind that it's Mother's Day too - this is HER day - believe me, she's told us a few times!!!)  :)
Love that girl!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet six year old Jada - we are blessed - totally blessed - to have you in our family!!

(Notice the cake - another Jada request - it had to be HER on the cake with a ponytail - thank you Sara Crane - you are fabulous!!)


Sara Crane said...

Happy Birthday Jada!!!
and a Happy Mother's Day to you Becky as well - may your family celebrate you today as well!

A great day for celebration indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday to our Jada!! Love your cake, and your "fancy" shirt, and LOVE YOU!!!!!

Gma of 7

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jada!


Jess Danielson said...

The happiest of birthday's to our darling mei mei!!! Beautiful girl!!!!
The Danielson's

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