Sunday, August 07, 2011

That Time of Year

Our first year to be introduced to Band Camp....let's just say, we survived! 6 trips back and forth to the high school each day - that began around 8 am some days and ended at 9 at night. Band camp runs almost 12 hrs. a day - with breaks for lunch and dinner for an entire week. They practice on their songs for marching competition, field work, and then learn their marching patterns - I am quite technical - sorry, Caleb, I'm sure, could fill you in further. Let's just say - from here on out - it's band, band, and more band until the middle of October. :)

Amidst sunburn, near heat stroke (well not quite - but he wanted to try to convince us - and yes, some days were almost 100 degrees), and long hours playing his sax - he did survive. And it's easier now - only 2 hrs. a day!

Band Camp Survivor!

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