Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Day of Preschool

It arrived - the first day of preschool - and since this is my first EVER to go to school - it about killed me!! (I'll admit it, the night before I was still wondering if this was the smartest idea in the world!!!) I took her to school and bent down on her level and said, "Jada, Mommy will be back after school is done, ok?" To which she looked at me and said, "Momma Cry?" I said, "Oh no, Momma's not going to cry!" (I was only convincing myself you know!!)

First Day of Preschool
I took her inside the school, showed her her locker, and her teacher. And she spied kids playing on the other side of the room and off she went. She didn't look back - I THINK that's the way we want it, right!?!?!?

Sweet Sisters

Even Chloe didn't want me to take her without her coming with us!! Chloe privately asked me, "Mom, who will talk for her when no one understands??" I didn't admit that I wondered the same thing. Chloe has the uncanny ability to always know what Jada is saying or needing - she is so sweet to Jada.

My Fancy Locker

But I am thrilled she had a good day. I want her to love school and I pray that this year gives her just what she needs - whether it be speech or confidence - whatever it is God knows that she needs.

My Super Sweet Teacher
We are blessed with a wonderful teacher that knows a lot about Jada and is one of her many cheerleaders. God is so good that way - He just continues to bless us with people to love on our little ones.

So when I asked Jada what she did at school she told me, "Draw, Snack, Slide." Sounds like the perfect preschool day to me too!!

Oh, gotta run - the boys just said that it is time for the traditional "after school hugs" and I don't want to miss out on this!!!


Jen said...

Someday she will go to college and you will wonder where the time went!??! I hope she has a great year-and makes learning leaps and bounds. And that God shows in ways that only HE can that you have made the perfect choice for Jada!!

Tessa said...

Is that Mrs. Starkenburg?? She's like THE best pre-school teacher in the world!!

Beckyb said...

You got it Tessa - she is wonderful!!!

Sue said...

oh Becky, you did so well! Mrs. Starkenburg will be just perfect for Jada! I'm thinking of you guys here, and praying for you. It will be a great year.

Kristi said...

So happy Jada's first day went so well....oh my to draw, snack and slide...all the best things!! Will be praying for more great days ahead. Will have to add the traditional afterschool hugs to our day as well....what a great idea!

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