Friday, January 15, 2010

Send the Tooth Fairy!!

I can hardly even describe the amount of wiggling that's been going on over here ever since the dentist told Chloe that one of her teeth was getting wiggly.  DAILY wiggling, pushing, asking if it's ready yet - you get the point!  So, last night, when Dad announced it was time to try and pull the tooth - it was quite a deal!  One slight yank, and it was out!  Let the fun begin - Chloe had to show all of her brothers her pearly white prize!  We had to find a special pillow to put it in under her pillow, and we had to make SURE the tooth fairy knew how to find her!  We assured Chloe that she would be found!  As she laid her head down last night, Chloe's words were, "I am afraid I will not be able to sleep tonight - I just can't WAIT for the tooth fairy to come."  Oh my - to be five again!!
First Tooth Out!!


hollym. said...

Oh, Becky!
Chloe is such a precious girl! It's hard to believe our little girls are getting so big! Congratulations to Chloe for the loss of her First Tooth!!:)

Carol said...

She is just so funny!I must say that sometimes the toothfairy forgets to come in my house :0

Kathleen said...

We have a very forgetful tooth fairy who often needs reminders a couple days in a row. After all that excitement, I hope the tooth fairy at your house is more reliable. How fun!

Mr.Brian said...

Oh how that brings back memories,never put mine under the pillow,just a glass on the kitchen table.
I should take some dentures from a resident at work who deas not wear them and give them to Chloe.Imagine the money she could get from them.LOLOL

Kim K. said... fun!

Jess and Tim said...

Teeth falling out is such a huge ordeal here! Glad Cloe is on her way to the bank thanks to those pricey little pearly whites!!

Anonymous said...

that is great!!!
how much did she get from the tooth fairy?

Kristi said...

congrats Chloe on your first lost tooth. Anna is waiting patiently, hoping she gets a loose one soon! HOpe you get some sleep so the tooth fairy can come!

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