Thursday, December 17, 2009

Movie Night

Movie night now has a whole new meaning. We used to be able to watch quietly and follow storylines with ease, now we have Jada! She does not, never has, enjoyed TV so when we sit down to watch a movie - thus begins Jada's playground. We are all fair game, yes, she even plopped in my lap MANY times, it was just harder to capture when it was my lap! So she hops from couch to couch, brings out many interesting toys, plays the piano, walks around singing, and even stands in front of the television - all Jada antics that keep the rest of us saying, "Is it bedtime yet?"
Meanwhile, the rest of us TRY to keep watching - she did start out by Chloe, but then Chloe missed out on any more "Jada visits"!


Mr.Brian said...

don't think there will be to many dull moments in your home for a few years.

ShaggaBear said...

that is EXACTLY how it is watching movies with Sarah - our youngest! I have bruises from her wiggling around on the couch "trying" to sit still. oh my. and the toys and the dancing around. Yes.

Lady L said...

It sounds like you had more than one show to watch! So, what was the movie and did you have popcorn too?

Anonymous said...

sounds like lots of fun
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hollym. said...

Your family is going to have a wonderful Christmas, Becky!! Hope you do a little movie like you did with Chloe and post it!!:)

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