Thursday, November 27, 2008

Need Help Shopping??

So we are thinking Christmas gifts over here and I want to share some fun ideas - AND it also prompts you to remember that if you plan to shop online and want to use Amazon - anytime you click there from our blog - even if you purchase a different item than you clicked on - it counts toward our account and helps toward our next adoption!!

(We just got one of these and LOVE it!!!) You can get the refill cartridges from Amazon as well.)

Not sure what I EVER did before this little gem - I LOVE my Cricut machine.  You can cut out letters, shapes and much more with this great tool.   I use it for scrapbooking the most, but I also love it for bulletin board letters, shapes - ok, I could go on and on on this one!!  There are TONS of cartridges for it as well - WAY too fun!!

Shhh - don't tell Chloe - she's getting this for Christmas!  I saw them on another blog and that mom also thought they would be fun for her daughter.  Chloe is ALL about cooking in her little kitchen - wish that would rub off on me!!!

Don't forget about this goodie coming out just in time for Christmas.  Our boys LOVED this and are hoping it shows up under our tree!

These books by Wayne Thomas Batson are LOVED by all three of my boys!!  Keep them in mind for those middle readers - upper elementary/junior high age.  They are written by a Christian author and are very boy-oriented.  They are a hit at our house!

I was just given this purse as a gift.  I just love it - it is roomy and classy.  I have never had a fabric purse before, but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one.  I have a different fabric but wanted to link to these as they would be SUPER Christmas gifts!  It was a wonderful gift that I just LOVE!

One of my favorite Christmas scents out there!!!  It is wonderful and only available during the holiday season!

WONDERFUL Christmas album - I have never been disappointed with an album by Enya yet, but this one is magnificent!!!

This game is WONDERFUL!!! I am not kidding - it is a game that ANY age can play, play together, and enjoy! We played it with adults, teens AND Chloe and ALL had a blast! Fun family game.

One of Chloe's favorite games right now! And I must say a "plug" for Eeboo Games - we lost a piece - I emailed them and they sent me another RIGHT away!!! That is SO helpful with a four-year-old!!

We received one of these DVD's to review for my book blog and Chloe REALLY liked it. They have catchy songs, fun animation, and are a great way to learn about other cultures. AND - in a month or two - they are coming out with one on China - can't wait to see that one too!


Mom 2 six said...

We love games - I will check that iut. Of course I love the pures and lotion !

sara h. said...

i just told dad on Sunday that I wanted Pictureka. for Chloe have you seen the kids baking kit, it has what looks like silicone cupcake liners and comes with a cookbook of recipes that you cook in the liners, pizza, spaghetti cups, etc. I got it for my best friends daughter who turned fuve I bet chloe would love it! oohh i just found it, here's a link, but i bet they sell them on amazon too.,book-info/store,books/products_id,7176/title,Cook-It-in-a-Cup/

for some reason my computer absolutely will not let me open amazon. strange huh? I need Josh to look at it for me.

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