Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wild Water Continued

As promised - more pics......









This is the largest, scariest waterslide in the park and Aaron conquered it - that's the big splash coming down!!!  Way to go Aaron!


Mr.Brian said...

He is braver then I am.I refuse to try that one.
But then again who would want to see Shamo the whale going down a water slide.

Jodie said...

Was it Aaron who also got the foul in hockey? You might just have to watch out for that one. No fear. PS I would totally do that slide!!!

nikki said...

Oh Becky, those pictures are SO great!!!! I SO wanna go there.
And, that Aaron is a brave soul...that slide is HUGE! (and I would love to go down it!)

Anonymous said...

that waterslid is huge!!!!
i would never go on it
go Aaron
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