Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shopping Alert!!!!

Yes - I have to share some fun reasons to shop!!!

I ran across this wonderful lady when out hunting down some ladybug backgrounds for blog designs - but look at this great store!! The Monogrammed Ladybug ALL of her stuff is cute, but make sure and go HERE and see her Asian themed designs. Wish I would have known about this BEFORE Chloe's birthday!!

Then, visit Kari's Blog to see these adorable purses - Chloe's getting one for her birthday (see the pink cupcake fabric!?!?!?) and they are THE PERFECT size for those little bodies!!! Plus, you are helping support an adoptive family!

So there you go - always a good reason to shop!!!


Anonymous said...

those are very cuite bags.
i love the pink one too.
love them!
amber drilling

Sharon said...

Thank you so much for posting about The Monogrammed LadyBug on your site! I've already received some orders and was told that they heard about me from you!

Sharon :)

Denise C said...

OH what darling things!!!! You find the cutest stuff!!! Have a great weekend!!!

thorvet said...

We have to have FUN reasons to shop?? ;)


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