Friday, May 30, 2008

Bella and I

I was thinking today - Bella is almost 3 months old - it's about time to work on short walks on the leash. I needed to deliver a book 4 blocks to a friend and decided this was a job for Bella and I!! So off we went, book in hand and leash in the other. We had not even hardly gone a block when she decided to start bucking a bit. She did not want to go on, and she was making that very clear. We went another block, against her insistence, and that was it. She plunked down in the road and refused to budge. But I am quite the dog owner - I figure we are almost half way there - we can't give up now - so what do I do!?!?!? I pick Bella up and carry her!! Yep, carried her half the way there and half the way home - it didn't get any better on the way back either!

Oh well, maybe next month!!


nikki said...

Well, I remember doing that with Lily when she was little - so it sounds about right!
(good thing Bella is such a tiny thang!)

holly m. said...

Is that a smirk that I see on Bella's muzzle???:)
I was wondering on how doggy training was going!!

Kay said...

Hahaha...oh the headaches.
I remember having a hard time waking my furball and thought that day would never come that she would walk nicely but it did.
Just keep it up and your work will pay off.

Mr.Brian said...

LOLOLOLOL She is so ute I would carry her too.
In fact I had to do that with Josie last week.
Just to tired to go on.

Cousin Carol said...

When Abby was learning to walk, the ground was frozen. Poor thing had cold feet. ;0 Now she walks like a trooper, actually she thinks I walk too slow. But the great thing is that walking is good for me as well as Abby. Bella is so cute!

Cousin Carol

Steffie B. said...

I think you should just put that cute little thing in baby sling and call it a day! lol

Anonymous said...

That sounded like alot of fun.
At least she is little so it is easy to carry her.
amber drilling

FHL said...

Gives a new definition to walking the dog (tee hee) She's so cute though :o)

Denise C said...

I love it!!! Miss Bella knows how to "work" her mommy!!! We do the same thing with Rosie....she is such a prissy muffin...likes to stay indoors where there is cool air. Is is so funny when she has to go outside to potty she that she can get back inside quickly.... she is so funny....I tell her to learn to use the toilet and she won't have to go outside ever! hee-hee!

JulieM said...

That is too funny!! She is just way too cute!

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