Friday, February 09, 2007

Chinese New Year Books

I have been asked a few times for recommendations on books for Chinese Celebrations so I'm going to post a bunch here - this will be a long post, sorry. I am also posting them this way so that in case you were interested in buying them from Amazon - if you click here off of my site then I can earn money towards our next adoption. So, here goes:


Ella Meng said...

It's great to see these books about chinese new year!
All the best!

Amy said...

Hi Becky, Send me a street address and I will send you a ladybug post card from Germany. You were #4 on the comments but deserve a card anyway! I think you have my e-mail address. Great booklist! I will have to add to my collection!

Made in China said...

I ordered Dragon Dance and D is for Dragon Danse from Scholastic books - excellent price!!
I also have the white one ... Dragons and Moonbeams ... something like that!


redmaryjanes said...

Look at all of those excellent books!
Wonderful post!!
I learn a lot on your site.

nikki said...

Hey Beck!
Do you have any personal recommendations? Lily only has "My first Chinese New Year" - I would like to buy her another book.
Do you have a favorite?

Beckyb said...

Nikki - We just got the Hiss, Boom, Pop title - it's very nice - not geared too old. The one in the top row - Dragon Dance is also very good - she likes the pictures in that one.

a&mg said...

Wow, thanks for all the great suggestions!!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I have just bought Dragon Dance and love it, I also have Moonbeams dumplings and Dragoboats and it is also fabby. You are so sweet to post all of these. Many, many thank yous.

Carrie said...

WOW, I didn't know scholastic had such a big selection of the CNY celebration. I too would recommend D is for Dragon Dance. Olivia received this as a gift from friends of ours and she seems to enjoy it. I think Lilly will as well.

nikki said...

OK girlfriend,
I just bought Dragon Dance and can't wait to check it out!
Thanks for the advice!

Emmie said...

Looks like those are some cool books! We may just have to check some of those out! Thanks for sharing! :)

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